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國立高雄科技大學 高瞻科技不分系學士學位學程

vision and outlook

Vision and Outlook

We believe that future learning must be extensive and profound , professional as well as generalist, so as to be able to face such a complex and variable generation.
This program breaks the traditional single professional study and shows personal talent through the customized learning design. Developing the future pattern toward our aspiration.
There are three professional modules in our featured programs:
Firstly, students who are fascinated by programming can choose the data science module.
Secondly, students who are interested in modern art can choose the digital arts module.
Thirdly, students who would like to explore marine life or marine resources can choose a marine science and technology module.
Above these three modules can set students up to become an interdisciplinary learner and explore all of the academic domains in order to correspond with their future careers

Our module programs, customized learning courses, cross-domain learning courses and Problem based learning skills can let students think out of the box and students can be able to use these skills to face future challenges and conquer the difficult challenges.
As a result, our honorable professors and administrative team will cultivate our current and future students to become top-notch skiller and we very welcome every student to join our big family.
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