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國立高雄科技大學 高瞻科技不分系學士學位學程

Our concept

Our concept

Cultivating talents for technology innovation and cross domains communication In 108, applied to the Ministry of Education for the establishment of a cross college elite program. In 109, approved by the Ministry of Education, and the 110 was formally established.

The three features in this semester:

First of all, in education, cross-domain teaching is used to strengthen theory and practice, focusing on thematic practice, and cultivate students' ability to solve problems.
Secondly, in the curriculum, sets of customized learning courses are tailored for each student of these courses, and the students' learning choices are all respected.
Finally, life learning, accompanied by three professors, clarified students’ occupation aims, broadened their vision and then became professional high-tech leaders.

In terms of the talent cultivation characteristics of the school's purpose “BEST WISH", students can build their innovation and cross-domain learning, and test the feasibility of ideas by PBL project implementation. This program will provide various resources, such as International exchange learning, field practice, creating a learning space for discussion and practice. In the future, corporate resources will be incorporated into the campus, and professional speeches will be held, so that the learning experience is not only in textbooks and campuses, but in society and global fields.


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